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Delivering quality and value-filled snacks to you.

We create unique and innovative snacks that bring the taste of home to FIlipinos all over the world.

Our Story

Leslie Corporation is an established food manufacturer and distributor founded in 1960 from the Philippines. We are one of the country’s largest snack manufacturing companies, operating several modern and fully automated plants. With over 60 years of experience, we continuously strive to deliver quality and value-filled offerings to our customers.

Our company is home to Clover Chips, a unique and true Filipino snack for every generation. We are known for our innovative and fun snack creations like Cheezy Corn Crunch, Farmer John's Potato Chips, Nachos Corn Chips, Thin & Crispy Banana Chips, Banana Thins, Wild Willys Chicharon, Cheezy Puffs Baked Curls, Cheezy Os, Clover Shrimp, and Clover Bits Corn Snack.

Our snacks can be found in 140,000 stores nationwide. We have a team of highly skilled salesmen selling directly to major supermarkets, groceries, warehouse clubs, national wholesalers, convenience stores, drug stores & gasoline stations.

We are committed to...

PROVIDE great tasting, fun and best in value fantastic products to our consumers

FOSTER mutually beneficial business relationships with our trade partners

CREATE a challenging, rewarding, and safe work environment that is conducive to our employees’ professional and personal growth

DELIVER sustainable and long term financial and operational growth

Serving you overseas

Our snack brands are marketed and sold primarily to Filipino communities in the United States, Canada, Italy, Brunei, Middle East countries, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Producing the finest products to ensure that every bag enjoyed is fresh and delicious.

We uphold honesty and transparency
Work IMprovement
We pursue excellence in all our actions
We value contribution and collaboration
We provide you multiple holistic growth opportunities
We are family, our focus is you
Future Forward
We challenge and build a future together